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Tim Kusters


Tim Küsters
29 years
Mr. Gay Europe 2023

Mr Gay Europe

My name is Tim Küsters, Mr Gay Europe 2023/2024, I am from the Netherlands. Over the past years I have been advocating for LGBTQIA+ rights by creating awareness and drive change. As Mr Gay Europe I work very hard on my campaign Be Proud. Be Strong. Be Mentally Healthy. This campaign is about Mental Health within the LGBTQIA+ community. Facts tell us that the LGBTQIA+ community faces more mental health struggles and experience loneliness and depression more often. By creating awareness, reducing stigma, fostering empathy and promote resources I will try to help as much people throughout Europe as possible. See appendix for more information.


Since 2005, Mr Gay Europe have focused on serious collaborations and partners, and have ourselves been clear about transparency, seriousness, and an activist profile, in addition to the fact that we want to be a proud and positive organisation.

What we primarily want is the opportunity to send this year's title holder around Europe to talk about his work and his project. For Example:


Attend for more visibility

  • Prides across Europe

  • Human rights congress

  • LGBTQIA+ events

  • Competitions as a judge

  • Premiers


Speak for impact

  • Talk about Mental Health within the LGBTQIA+ community

  • Talk about LGBTQIA+ rights in Europe

Pride/Brand Ambassador

  • Face of the Pride

  • Face of a Brand for LGBTQIA+ awareness

  • Video, photo, host

Since Mr Gay Europe has always been run as a voluntary organization and all members of the organization work for free, we must look for partners who will be able to share our vision with us and support our goal. If you invite our Mr Gay Europe to your event, we happily utilize your hotel or flight partners.


If you are interested in sponsoring Mr Gay Europe on his journey to raise more awareness and promote resources for the Be Proud. Be Strong. Be Mentally Healthy campaign. Please let us know and we could discuss further collaboration options.


Hope to hear from you.

Facts about Mr Gay Europe

First some facts about the competition: Mr Gay Europe was first held in Oslo, Norway, during EuroPride in 2005. The competition has subsequently been held one or more times in the Netherlands, Austria, Romania, Great Britain, Hungary, Poland, Sweden, Norway, and Italy.


After almost 20 years with the competition and 15 finals across Europe, we want to take the competition to a new level. This year's winner has already distinguished himself through his commitment and hard work, and we want more than ever to let this great title holder travel around Europe to create networks, stand out as a role model and support his campaign which focuses on mental health.

Tim National Costume
"Empowering through awareness: Together, we inspire action and strive for equality. Guiding individuals towards positive change, making a significant difference.."

Tim Küsters

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