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Campaigning is crucial for shaping public opinion, mobilizing support, and achieving desired outcomes in political and social movements. It spreads awareness by educating the public and generating discussions, while also mobilizing supporters to take action and contribute to the cause. Campaigns have the power to influence policies and advocate for legislative changes, leading to impactful reforms. Additionally, they challenge societal norms, promote inclusivity, and contribute to a more equitable society. By engaging individuals in the democratic process and holding institutions accountable, campaigning empowers citizens and drives positive change.

Below you see an overview of the campaigns I am running!

Coming Out Day

Be Proud, Be Strong,
Be Mentally Healthy

The "Be Proud, Be Strong, Be Mentally Healthy" campaign is a powerful initiative dedicated to promoting mental health awareness and fostering understanding and support. This campaign aims to create a safe and inclusive environment that encourages open conversations, empathy, and support for individuals facing mental health challenges within the LGBTQIA+ community.

Creating Family.

Creating Families, Overcoming Barriers

The theme of my campaign, "Creating Families, Overcoming Barriers," sheds light on the difficulties faced by LGBTQ+ individuals in realizing their dream of becoming parents. The arduous path to parenthood often entails long waiting lists, limited adoption channels, and complex legal procedures. These challenges place an enormous mental and emotional burden on those who are yearning to start or expand their families.

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