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World Aids Day


1 December 2023, marks World Aids Day. On this day, organizations around the world do things to make people aware of AIDS. AIDS is a sickness that comes from a virus called HIV. People also use this day to support those who have HIV, remember those who have died from AIDS, and speak out against the virus.

Why do we need World AIDS Day?

AIDS is a sickness that can't be cured right now. But, with good education, especially in places with fewer resources, we can help people control it. Before, AIDS was really hard to manage, but now, with better ways to prevent, find, treat, and care for HIV, people with it can live long and healthy lives.

Let's take a look at some important facts and how the world is working together to fight this virus.

Global HIV Picture

At the end of 2022, about 39 million people were living with HIV, and many of them were in Africa. In 2022 alone, 630,000 people died from HIV, and 1.3 million people got infected. Some places are doing better, but in some, more people are getting the virus again.

Managing HIV and Global Plans

There is no way to cure HIV, but there are ways to coop with it, making it more like a long-term health issue. Groups like WHO, the Global Fund, and UNAIDS are working together to end HIV by 2030. They set goals, like making sure more people know if they have HIV, get treated, and keep the virus in check.

Understanding HIV/AIDS

HIV is a germ that makes our body's protection system weak. It can turn into AIDS, which is the worst stage of the sickness. But don't worry, you can prevent and treat it with the right medicines.

Signs and Symptoms

HIV shows different signs at different times. In the beginning, you might not feel sick at all or just a bit like having the flu. Later, it can cause more serious problems like weight loss, fever, and other sicknesses if not treated.

How HIV Spreads and What Puts Us at Risk

HIV passes through some body fluids like blood, milk, and more. But you can't get it from hugs or sharing food. You can protect yourself by using condoms, getting tested, and being careful with needles.

Testing and Prevention

There are tests to find out if you have HIV, and there are ways to prevent it, like using condoms and taking medicines. These medicines can also help people who don't have HIV but might be at risk. Make sure to always be safe.


There's no cure for HIV, but there are medicines that help a lot. People take these medicines every day to stay healthy. Pregnant moms with HIV can take medicines to keep their babies safe.


This years theme of #WAD2023 is "Let Communities Lead". Communities have the power to put an end to AIDS, and they should take the lead. Organizations formed by communities that live with, are at risk of, or are affected by HIV play a crucial role in advancing the fight against HIV. These community groups link individuals to health services that focus on each person, establish trust, come up with new ideas, oversee the execution of policies and services, and make sure those providing help are responsible. More information on the global campaign can be found here.

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