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My Unforgettable Experience at Europride 2024 in Thessaloniki, Greece

Wednesday: Arrival in Thessaloniki

Our trip to Europride 2024 started with a flight from Amsterdam to Thessaloniki. When we arrived, a friendly taxi driver arranged by Travitude picked us up and took us to the Metropolitan Hotel, right in the city center. After settling in, we were excited to explore the vibrant streets of Thessaloniki, full of history and culture.

Thursday: Speaking at the Human Rights Congress

As the reigning Mr. Gay Europe, I had the great honor of speaking at the Human Rights Congress at Olympion Hall. My talk was about "Mental Health within the LGBTQIA+ Community" and "Influencing Society Through Social Media." It was amazing to share my thoughts and have important discussions with activists and attendees who care deeply about LGBTQIA+ rights.

Panelists: Gigi Gorgoues, Gialu Mx, Gazelle, Athina Tsagkaraki & Tim Küsters

Friday: Exploring Thessaloniki and Evening Festivities

Friday was all about exploring the beautiful city of Thessaloniki. We enjoyed delicious local food and the lovely weather while walking around the charming streets. In the evening, we went to the Europride Mainstage for drinks and to watch some fantastic performances. Later, we visited Club Enola, where the atmosphere was lively and inclusive.

Saturday Morning: Queer Walking Tour

Saturday morning started with a special Queer Walking Tour, which lasted about 2.5 hours. The tour was very informative, giving us deep insights into the LGBTQIA+ history of Thessaloniki and Greece. Our passionate tour guide and real-life actors made the stories come alive, making the experience both educational and moving.

Saturday Afternoon: Pride Parade

In the afternoon, we found a great spot to watch the Pride Parade with friends we made during the event. The energy was incredible, filled with joy and solidarity. I also met Mr. Leather Europe for a quick chat and a memorable photo.

Saturday Evening: Closing Show and Handover Ceremony

The celebrations ended with a fantastic closing show at the Europride Mainstage. The performances were amazing, and the feeling of unity and celebration was palpable. The evening concluded with the handover ceremony, where Thessaloniki passed the torch to Lisbon, the next city to host Europride.

Sunday morning: Time to Go Home

Al good things come to an end and un Sunday it was time for us to go home. Just like the beginning we we're picked up by a taxi driver to bring us to the airport of Thessaloniki.

Europride 2024 in Thessaloniki was an unforgettable experience, filled with powerful moments, new friendships, and a strong sense of community. I’m already looking forward to next year’s event in Lisbon. If you have the chance to attend Europride, don’t miss it – it’s an event that will inspire and uplift you.

Have you attended a Europride event? Share your experiences in the comments below

This trip is sponsored by Travitude, your LGBTQIA+ travel specialist!

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